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Phyllis Liu, O.D., FCOVD

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Patient Appointment Policy

It is very important to your care that you attend your scheduled appointment(s) and arrive on time. Dr. Liu is highly trained in her field and looks forward to working with you to accomplish your goals in therapy. The office staff will work diligently with you to schedule appointment times that work well for you.

It is important to our business and the care of ALL patients that you inform us if you will not be able to attend an appointment or if you believe that you will be late. In each case, we will make every effort to accommodate you or reschedule your appointment. We ask that you contact us 24 hours in advance or greater if at all possible. If you miss an appointment without prior notice to us, you may be charged a $40 no show fee. For patients who have Medicaid or Husky, we are required to report you to the CT Department of Social Services.

This policy is in place for ALL appointments, whether it is an annual exam, contact lens exam or for visual therapy.

To make changes to your schedule, notify us of a later arrival, or the need to cancel and reschedule,

please call the number below:

(203) 387 – 0038

Dr. Liu’s Office

The Office of Phyllis A. Liu OD, FCOVD Policy states:

If you do not show up to your appointment without notification to our office on two (2) occasions or cancel three (3) appointment there is the possibility your future appointments will be removed and whomever referred you may be notified. This is for ALL appointments whether for regular annual exams, contact lens exams, and/or visual therapy.

In this case, it may be necessary for you to obtain a new referral from your physician before rescheduling and continuing treatment.

Thank you for your understanding of this policy and for your cooperation. We look forward to working with you.

Phyllis A, Liu, OD FCOVD and the Office Staff

264 Amity Road, Suite 212 – Woodbridge, CT 06525

Phone: 203-387-0038 Fax: 203-387-0510

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